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Tara Suri




Tara is a historian of science and society in colonial and postcolonial South Asia. Her work draws together histories of medicine and health, histories of decolonization and the global Cold War, and histories of race, gender, caste, and sexuality.?Her current project is a transnational history of South Asia's biomedical trade in rhesus monkeys. The project follows the sociolegal conflicts – among monkey dealers and diplomats, pharmaceutical executives and antivivisectionists, trappers and shippers, and epidemiologists and ecologists – that underpinned the making of rhesus monkeys into commodifiable models of human bodies in the twentieth-century life sciences. Building on feminist and postcolonial science studies, the project explores how the racialized geopolitics of colonial rule, Cold War development, and postcolonial state-building have shaped the production of biomedical knowledge.

Tara completed a Ph.D. in History with a certificate in Gender and Sexuality Studies at Princeton University. She received an M.Phil in Multi-Disciplinary Gender Studies from the University of Cambridge and an A.B. in Social Studies from Harvard College. Her work has been supported by the American Council of Learned Societies, the University Center for Human Values at Princeton, and the Social Sciences Research Council.