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Alexia Yates



1737 Cambridge St
Cambridge MA 02138

yates.alexia [at] gmail.com



Alexia Yates’s research is on business practices and consumer culture in modern France. Her dissertation explored the politics and practices of private construction in Paris at the turn of the twentieth century. Her next project explores how the stock market came to be understood as a quotidian element of French citizens' economic lives in the nineteenth century, and studies how popular engagement with the financial sector redefined the relationship between citizens, the market, and the state. Alexia's research has been supported by a Bourse Chateaubriand, as well as a Quinn Dissertation fellowship. She received her PhD from the University of Chicago and was previously a Visiting Researcher at the Cities Centre, University of Toronto. Her dissertation was awarded prizes for best dissertation in the field by both the Urban History Association and the Business History Conference.


::: Histories of Land, Economy, and Power, organised by Alexia Yates, was the first conference of the Prize Fellowships in Economics, History, and Politics. It was held at Harvard on November 9th and 10th, 2012. The conference explored the political economy of land from a range of national perspectives.


Principal Publications

C’est comme ça que vous entendez les affaires?” Gogos and the moral parameters of commercial life in nineteenth-century France” Proceedings of the Western Society for French History v.36 (2008): 149-165 .

“Making Metropolitan Markets: Information, Intermediaries, and Real Estate in Modern Paris,” in Marketing and Market Research eds. Hartmut Berghoff and Uwe Spiekermann (Palgrave: 2012), pp.95-125.

Selling La Petite Propriété: Marketing Home Ownership in Early-twentieth-century Paris,” Entreprises et Histoire, Special issue on distribution and retailing (No.64, October 2011).

"Developing Knowledge, The Knowledge of Development: Real Estate Speculators and Brokers in Late Nineteenth-Century Paris," Business and Economic History Online, vol.9 (Fall 2011).