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In 1791, the revolutionary municipality of Angoulême drew up a register of property taxes in the form of a comprehensive list of the properties in the town, “Contributions, matrices foncières,” 1791, AM-A, unclassified, 11 B 47. The register includes the name, profession and place of residence of the proprietor; a description of the “nature” of each house (“two story house with two rooms and a shop,” in the case of Rival, a wigmaker); a notation of the size (“16 foot façade on the [Grande] Rue du Palais”); and a valuation of the net taxable revenue in 1791. The entries include the names and professions of the tenants of the houses. There is a column to show changes in ownership, in these times of drastic transformation, that was later annotated in different hands throughout the decade of the 1790s: “Column reserved to show the mutations which will take place in the names of the PROPRIETORS over the course of the year 1791.” There is also a column which shows the numbers of the houses, corresponding to the “numerotage” of 1769 (in which numbers were affixed to the façades of all the houses in the town.) These are the listings in the 1791 register for the properties in the former Isle de la Cloche Verte. Of the 21 proprietors listed, 9 had been there in the tax rolls for 1763-1765.