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Made by Nikhil Mulani. Most of the visualizations found here were built using D3.js, with the exception of the network diagram, which was constructed in Gephi and then animated using Sigma.js. The Datamaps library, with some custom modifications, was used to build the maps found on this website. Other libraries used include d3-tip, jQuery, Underscore and Bootstrap. See code for more credits and details. Technical tutorials by Mike Bostock, Mark DiMarco and Steve Hall were quite useful.
To get more details about the rationale behind site design, watch this screencast:

The information on this site is based on research done for my senior thesis, "Connectivity at Vindolanda." Transactional data was compiled by Kasper Gronlund Evers in "The Vindolanda Tablets and the Ancient Economy," and tablets were primarily accessed using the Vindolanda Tablets Online II database. All errors (of which there may be many, due to the fragmentary nature of the evidence) are my own.
None of this would have been possible without my thesis advisors, Emma Dench and Rebecca Katz. I also received invaluable advice and help along the way from Shane Bobrycki, Kathleen Coleman, the Center for History and Economics, Ian Kumekawa, Narendra Mulani, Nita Mulani, Ravi Mulani, Philip Pratt, Emma Rothschild, Alicia Solow-Niederman and Heidi Tworek.

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