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The Center for History and Economics online seminar hosts presentations and discussions on recent research in history, economics, and related disciplines. Ranging widely across historical periods and around the globe, the seminar covers topics including economic thought, histories of economic life, environmental history, and legal history. The seminar is also intended to bring together, regularly throughout the academic year and in a spirit of scholarly exchange, friends and affiliates of the Center in Cambridge, Harvard, Paris, and elsewhere.

We are delighted to announce the new Fall 2023 program.

*All seminars will take place in-person at Harvard University, but will also be available live online for those who wish to attend via Zoom.*

Each presentation will be approximately 20 minutes, followed by a 30 minute discussion.


Wednesday 18 October 2023
12pm (EDT)
Room: CGIS S-050

Rana Mitter (Harvard University)
Money, morale and mayhem: economic and emotional landscapes in Civil War era China, 1946-9

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Wednesday 8 November 2023
12pm (EST)
Room: CGIS S-250

Julia Cagé (Sciences Po)
A History of Political Conflict: Elections and Social Inequalities in France, 1789-2022

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Wednesday 29 November 2023
12pm (EST)
Room: CGIS S-030

Angus Burgin (Johns Hopkins)
The Information Superhighway, the Electronic Frontier, and the Political Economy of the Early Internet

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