Past seminars


14 July 2021
Arunabh Ghosh (Harvard University)
The Significance of Small Things: Towards a History of Dam Building in the Twentieth Century
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16 June 2021
Discretionary Power in the Hands of an Authoritarian State: Denaturalizations under the Vichy Regime, 1940-1944
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12 May 2021
Jonathan Levy (University of Chicago)
Does Capital Flow?
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17 February 2021
Francesca Trivellato (IAS, Princeton)
The Vagrancy of Economic Invisibility
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27 January 2021
Paul Warde (Cambridge)
Strategy and Tactics in the Environmental Revolution
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18 November 2020
Sunil Amrith (Yale)
The Air as an Archive
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14 October 2020
Esther Duflo (MIT / Paris School of Economics)
Every child counts: what children know, what they don’t know and what can be done about it


23 September 2020
Surabhi Ranganathan (Cambridge)
Unmaking the Ocean
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15 July 2020
Rohit De (CHE-Cambridge/Yale)
States of Emergency


17 June 2020
Paul-André Rosental (CHE-P/Sciences Po)
The First Thirty Days: The Covid Crisis and Public Health Policies
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20 May 2020
Emma Rothschild (CHE-Harvard/Cambridge)
History and Distance: a Cholera Epidemic in 1855
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